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1. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND What is required of a vessel navigating near an area of restricted visibility?

A power-driven vessel shall have her engines ready for immediate maneuver.
She must sound appropriate sound signals.
If she detects another vessel by radar, she shall determine if risk of collision exists.
All of the above

2. INLAND ONLY Which is a characteristic of a "special flashing light"?

It is required for all vessels being pushed ahead as part of a composite unit.
It must show through an arc of not less than 180°Nor more than 225°.
It must be of the same character and construction as the masthead light.
All of the above

3. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND You are underway in fog when you hear the following signal: one short blast, one prolonged blast and one short blast in succession. Which of the following would it be?

A sailing vessel underway with the wind abaft the beam
A power-driven vessel underway and making way through the water
A vessel at anchor
A vessel towing

4. INTERNATIONAL ONLY Of the vessels listed, which must keep out of the way of all the others?

A vessel constrained by her draft
A vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver
A vessel pushing a barge
A vessel engaged in fishing

5. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND The Navigation Rules state that a vessel shall be operated at a safe speed at all times so that she can be stopped within __________.

the distance of visibility
1/2 the distance of visibility
a distance appropriate to the existing circumstances and conditions
the distance that it would require for the propeller to go from full ahead to full astern

6. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND You are approaching a bend in a river where, due to the bank, you cannot see around the other side. A vessel on the other side of the bend sounds one prolonged blast. You should __________.

sound passing signals
not sound any signal until you sight the other vessel
sound a prolonged blast
sound the danger signal

7. INLAND ONLY You are the stand-on vessel in a crossing situation. The other vessel is showing an alternating red and yellow light. Which action should you take?

Stand on.
Heave to.
Alter course to assist.
Yield the right-of-way.

8. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND You are underway in fog and you hear one prolonged blast followed by two short blasts. This is a vessel __________.

engaged on pilotage duty
aground in a fairway
stopped and making no way through the water

9. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND An all-round flashing yellow light may be exhibited by a(n) __________.

vessel not under command
air cushion vessel in the nondisplacement mode
vessel towing a submerged object
vessel engaged in diving operations

10. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A 22-meter sailing vessel when also being propelled by machinery shall show during daylight hours a __________.

black diamond
black cone
black ball