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1. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A vessel at anchor will show a __________.

double cone, apexes together

2. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Two vessels are approaching each other near head on. What action should be taken to avoid collision?

The first vessel to sight the other should give way.
The vessel making the slower speed should give way.
Both vessels should alter course to starboard.
Both vessels should alter course to port.

3. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A power driven vessel when towing and the length of the tow exceeds 200 meters shall exhibit during daylight hours where they can best be seen which of the following shapes?

a diamond shape
two cones, apexes together
a black ball
one cone, apex upward

4. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Two vessels are in an overtaking situation. Which of the lights on the overtaken vessel will the overtaking vessel see?

Two masthead lights
One masthead light and a sidelight
Both sidelights
Sternlight only

5. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Your 15-meter vessel is crossing a narrow channel and a large cargo vessel to port is within the channel and crossing your course. You must __________.

hold course and speed
sound the danger signal
initiate an exchange of passing signals
do not cross the channel if you might impede the other vessel

6. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND While underway in a fog, you hear a whistle signal of one prolonged blast followed by two short blasts. This signal could mean all of the following EXCEPT a vessel __________.

not under command
towing astern
fishing with trawls
being towed

7. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A 20-meter vessel is towing another vessel astern. The length of the tow from the stern of the towing vessel to the stern of the tow is 75 meters. How many white towing masthead lights shall the towing vessel show at night?


8. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Every vessel that is to keep out of the way of another vessel must take positive early action to comply with this obligation and must __________.

avoid crossing ahead of the other vessel
avoid passing astern of the other vessel
sound one prolonged blast to indicate compliance
alter course to port for a vessel on her port side

9. INTERNATIONAL ONLY A signal of intent must be sounded in international waters by __________.

a vessel meeting another head-on
a vessel overtaking another in a narrow channel
a vessel crossing the course of another
the give-way vessel in a crossing situation

10. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND At night, you are towing a partly submerged vessel, 20 meters in length and 4 meters in breadth. What lights must you display on the towed vessel?

A white light at the stern
Two white lights side by side at the stern
A white light at the forward end and a white light at the after end
Two red lights in a vertical line at the after end