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1. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A vessel 25 meters in length must have which sound signaling appliance onboard?

None is required
Whistle only
Whistle and bell only
Whistle, bell, and gong

2. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Which lights are shown by a vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver to indicate that the vessel is making way?

Masthead lights, sidelights and sternlight
Masthead lights and sidelights only
Sidelights and sternlight only
Sidelights only

3. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Which vessel would exhibit sidelights when underway and not making way?

A vessel not under command
A vessel towing by pushing ahead
A vessel engaged in dredging
A vessel trawling

4. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A continuous sounding of a fog-signal apparatus indicates __________.

the vessel is in distress
the vessel has completed loading dangerous cargo
it is safe to pass
the vessel is anchored

5. INTERNATIONAL ONLY A vessel displaying three red lights in a vertical line is __________.

restricted in her ability to maneuver
not under command
engaged in mineclearing operations
constrained by her draft

6. INTERNATIONAL ONLY A partially submerged object towed by a vessel must show during the day one __________.

diamond shape when the length of the tow is 200 meters or less
diamond shape when the length of the tow exceeds 200 meters in length
black ball
black ball only when the length of the tow exceeds 200 meters in length

7. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Which signal may at some time be exhibited by a vessel trawling?

Two white lights in a vertical line
A white light over a red light in a vertical line
Two red lights in a vertical line
All of the above

8. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND What light(s), if any, would you show at night if your vessel was broken down and being towed astern by another vessel?

Same lights as for a power-driven vessel underway
A white light forward and a white light aft
The colored sidelights and a white sternlight

9. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A 200-meter vessel is aground in fog. Which signal is optional?

A bell signal
A gong signal
A whistle signal
All of the above

10. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND In a crossing situation, the vessel which has the other on her own starboard side shall __________.

if the circumstances of the case admit, avoid crossing ahead of the other
change course to port to keep out of the way
reduce her speed
All of the above