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1. INLAND ONLY What characteristic must a light used to indicate passing intentions have?

It must be an alternating red and yellow light.
It must be an all-round white light.
It must be an all-round yellow light.
It must be either an all-round white or an all-round yellow light.

2. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A vessel which is fishing is required to show sidelights and a sternlight only when __________.

dead in the water
underway and making way

3. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Which statement is TRUE concerning two sailing vessels approaching each other?

The vessel making the most speed is the give-way vessel.
A sailing vessel overtaking another is the give-way vessel.
A sailing vessel seeing another to leeward on an undetermined tack shall hold her course.
All of the above

4. INLAND ONLY In a narrow channel, you are underway on vessel "A" and desire to overtake vessel "B". After you sound two short blasts on your whistle, vessel "B" sounds five short and rapid blasts on the whistle. You should __________.

pass with caution on the port side of vessel "B"
wait for the other vessel to initiate a signal
initiate another signal after the situation has stabilized
immediately answer with the danger signal, and then sound one short blast

5. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND What is TRUE when operating in fog and other vessels are detected by radar?

You should make an ample change to port for a vessel crossing on the starboard bow.
You should maneuver in ample time if a close-quarters situation is developing.
You should determine the course and speed of all radar contacts at six minute intervals.
Long-range scanning will provide early warning of ALL other vessels within the radar's range.

6. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A vessel trawling will display a __________.

red light over a white light
green light over a white light
yellow light over a red light
white light over a green light

7. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A 200-meter vessel is aground in fog. Which signal is optional?

A bell signal
A whistle signal
A gong signal
All of the above are mandatory.

8. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A lantern combining a vessel's navigation lights may be shown on a __________.

15-meter sailing vessel
20-meter vessel engaged in fishing and making way
25-meter power-driven vessel trolling
25-meter pilot vessel

9. INTERNATIONAL ONLY A light used to signal passing intentions must be an __________.

all-round white or yellow light
all-round yellow light only
all-round white light only
Any colored light is acceptable.

10. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Which vessel would exhibit sidelights when underway and not making way?

A vessel trawling
A vessel not under command
A pilot vessel
A vessel engaged in dredging