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1. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND When anchoring a 25-meter vessel at night, you must show __________.

one all-round white light
two all-round white lights
one all-round white light and the sidelights
the sidelights and a sternlight

2. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Two vessels meeting in a "head-on" situation are directed by the Rules to __________.

alter course to starboard and pass port to port
alter course to port and pass starboard to starboard
decide on which side the passage will occur by matching whistle signals
slow to bare steerageway

3. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A vessel trawling will display a __________.

red light over a white light
green light over a white light
yellow light over a red light
white light over a green light

4. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A 45-meter vessel is pulling a 210-meter tow. She may exhibit __________.

a masthead light forward, and two masthead lights in a vertical line aft
three masthead lights forward and one aft
two masthead lights forward and no after masthead light
three masthead lights aft and none forward

5. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A traffic separation zone is that part of a traffic separation scheme which __________.

is between the scheme and the nearest land
contains all the traffic moving in one direction
is designated as an anchorage area
separates traffic proceeding in one direction from traffic proceeding in the opposite direction

6. INLAND ONLY If your tug is pushing a barge ahead at night and it is not a composite unit, which light(s) should show aft on your vessel?

A white sternlight
Two red lights
Two towing lights
A towing light over the sternlight

7. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND At night, you are towing a partly submerged vessel, 20 meters in length and 4 meters in breadth. What lights must you display on the towed vessel?

A white light at the stern
Two white lights side by side at the stern
A white light at the forward end and a white light at the after end
Two red lights in a vertical line at the after end

8. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND At specified intervals, a vessel towing in fog shall sound __________.

one prolonged blast
two prolonged blasts
one prolonged and two short blasts in succession
one prolonged and three short blasts in succession

9. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND While you are underway, navigation lights must be displayed on your vessel __________.

during all periods of restricted visibility
at all times
at night only when other vessels may be in the area
at night only when vessels are detected on radar

10. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A vessel engaged in mineclearance operations shows special identity lights __________.

instead of the masthead lights
which mean that other vessels should not approach within 1000 meters
that are 225° green lights
All of the above