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1. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A vessel is carrying three lights in a vertical line. The highest and lowest of these are red and the middle light is white. Which statement is always TRUE?

During the day, she would display three balls in a vertical line.
If making way, she would show masthead lights at night.
If at anchor, she need not show anchor lights while displaying identifying lights.
Her fog signal would consist of a rapid ringing of a bell for five seconds every minute.

2. INTERNATIONAL ONLY You are in sight of a power-driven vessel that sounds two short blasts of the whistle. This signal means that the vessel __________.

is altering course to port
is altering course to starboard
intends to leave you on her port side
intends to leave you on her starboard side

3. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND An anchor ball need NOT be exhibited by an anchored vessel if she is __________.

under 50 meters in length, and anchored in an anchorage
over 150 meters in length
rigged for sail
less than 7 meters in length, and not in or near an area where other vessels normally navigate

4. INTERNATIONAL ONLY You intend to overtake a vessel in a narrow channel, and you intend to pass along the vessel's port side. How should you signal your intention?

Two short blasts followed by two prolonged blasts
Two prolonged followed by two short blasts
Two prolonged blasts only
Two short blasts only

5. INLAND ONLY A single vessel being towed alongside shall show __________.

one all-round white light
sidelights and a stern light
only the outboard sidelight and a stern light
a special flashing light, sidelights, and a stern light

6. INLAND ONLY For the purpose of the Inland Navigation Rules, the term "Inland Waters" includes __________.

the Western Rivers
the Great Lakes on the United States side of the International Boundary
harbors and rivers shoreward of the COLREGS demarcation lines
All of the above

7. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Traffic separation schemes established by the International Maritime Organization __________.

provide inbound and outbound lanes to promote the safe flow of vessel traffic
provide vessel reporting systems to assist in search and rescue in the event of a vessel casualty
provide routing and vessel scheduling procedures to reduce shipping delays
prohibit vessels carrying hazardous cargos from entering waters that are environmentally sensitive

8. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Signals required for vessels aground include __________.

by night, the anchor lights for a vessel of her length, and three red lights in a vertical line
a short, a prolonged, and a short blast
by day, three black balls in a vertical line
All of the above

9. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A sailing vessel of over 20 meters in length underway must show a __________.

red light over a green light at the masthead
white masthead light
combined lantern

10. INLAND ONLY You are meeting another vessel in inland waters, and she sounds one short blast on the whistle. This means that she __________.

is changing course to starboard
is changing course to port
intends to leave you on her port side
desires to depart from the Rules