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1. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Which signal, other than a distress signal, can be used by a vessel to attract attention?

Searchlight beam
Continuous sounding of a fog signal apparatus
Burning barrel
Orange smoke signal

2. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND The Rules state that a vessel overtaking another vessel is relieved of her duty to keep clear when __________.

she is forward of the other vessel's beam
the overtaking situation becomes a crossing situation
she is past and clear of the other vessel
the other vessel is no longer in sight

3. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Which statement is true concerning a towing light when a towing vessel is towing astern?

When a towing light is shown, no sternlight is necessary.
When a sternlight is shown, no towing light is necessary.
The towing light is shown below the sternlight.
The towing light is shown above the sternlight.

4. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Your vessel is underway but stopped and making no way through the water when fog sets in. Which fog signal should you sound?

One prolonged blast on the whistle
One prolonged blast and two short blasts on the whistle
Two prolonged blasts on the whistle
One short, one prolonged, and one short blast on the whistle

5. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND The rules require which factor to be taken into account when determining safe speed?

The construction of the vessel
The experience of the vessel's crew
The location of vessels detected by radar
All of the above

6. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND By night, you sight the lights of a vessel engaged in underwater operations. If an obstruction exists on the port side of the vessel, it will be marked by __________.

a floodlight
two red lights in a vertical line
a single red light
any visible lights

7. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Which statement is TRUE concerning a vessel of 75 meters in length, at anchor?

She must show an all-round white light forward.
She must show a second all-round white light aft.
She may use her working lights to illuminate her decks.
All of the above

8. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND When navigating in thick fog with the radar on, you should __________.

station the look-out in the wheelhouse to keep a continuous watch on the radar
secure the sounding of fog signals until a vessel closes within five miles
station a look-out as low down and far forward as possible
keep the radar on the shortest available range for early detection of approaching vessels

9. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Fog signals for vessels at anchor or aground shall be sounded at intervals of not more than __________.

15 minutes
5 minutes
2 minutes
1 minutes

10. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A vessel fishing at night, with gear extending more than 150 meters horizontally outwards, will show in the direction of the gear __________.

one white light
two vertical white lights
one yellow light
two vertical yellow lights