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1. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Which statement is TRUE concerning lights and shapes for towing vessels?

If a tow exceeds 200 meters in length, the towing vessel will display a black ball during daylight.
When towing astern, a vessel will carry her identification lights at the masthead in addition to her regular masthead light.
When towing astern, the towing vessel may show either a sternlight or a towing light, but not both.
If the towing vessel is over 50 meters in length, she must carry forward and after masthead lights.

2. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND What is the identity signal which may be sounded by a vessel engaged on pilotage duty in fog?

2 short blasts
3 short blasts
4 short blasts
5 short blasts

3. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND While underway in fog, you hear a vessel ahead sound two prolonged blasts on the whistle. You should __________.

sound two blasts and change course to the left
sound whistle signals only if you change course
not sound any whistle signals until the other vessel is sighted
sound only fog signals until the other vessel is sighted

4. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND By day, when it is impracticable for a small vessel engaged in diving operations to display the shapes for a vessel engaged in underwater operations, she shall display __________.

three black balls in a vertical line
two red balls in a vertical line
a black cylinder
a rigid replica of the International Code flag "A"

5. INLAND ONLY A power-driven vessel, when leaving a dock or berth, must sound what signal?

Three short blasts
A long blast
A prolonged blast
No signal is required.

6. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A power-driven vessel towing astern shall show __________.

two towing lights in a vertical line
a towing light in a vertical line above the sternlight
two towing lights in addition to the sternlight
a small white light in lieu of the sternlight

7. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND A single towing light will be carried above a vessel's sternlight __________.

only if she is towing astern
only if the tow exceeds 200 meters
at any time when towing
if the towing vessel is part of a composite unit

8. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND You are approaching a narrow channel. You see a vessel that can only be navigated safely within the channel. You should __________.

initiate an exchange of passing signals
not cross the channel if you might impede the other vessel
sound the danger signal
hold your course and speed

9. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND While underway in fog you hear the rapid ringing of a bell. What does this signal indicate?

A vessel backing down
A sailboat underway
A vessel at anchor
A vessel drifting

10. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Which statement is TRUE concerning a vessel of 75 meters in length, at anchor?

She must show an all-round white light forward.
She must show a second all-round white light aft.
She may use her working lights to illuminate her decks.
All of the above